Body Image War

Ephesians 6 tells us that ‘We do not wrestle with flesh and blood but against the rulers, authorities, and cosmic powers of this present darkness… against the spiritual forces…’

I’ve always applied these verses to the way I interact with others; well at least I try to apply it and use it with others, however,  on my run this morning with Revelation Wellness Podcast I was asked to think of those in my life that I am ‘fighting’ with … As I thought of people in my life I battle with, it came to me that my biggest battle is actually with myself!

Then the Spirit said to me ‘you’ve waged a war against yourself for so many years that you’re in constant defense mode. I’ve made you, my daughter, fearfully and wonderfully. Stop waging war with yourself and your body – receive my love and you’ll see how much less defensiveness you have and how much more grace and love you can give to yourself and to others’

I’ve never applied the armor of YAHWEH to my own struggles before, but it applies so perfectly! If we don’t apply the armor of YAHWEH to the interactions we have with ourselves there is no way we can apply it with others – and I believe the struggles I have with myself are a lot more hostile than the battles I have with other people.

When self-doubt, body image, complaints, regrets, guilt… creep in know – that is the enemy – don’t join up with those emotions!! Keep your helmet on (don’t lose your head) Put on the armor of God and stand firm! Anchor yourself in the truth that YAHWEH loves you and has made you for a purpose.

We may not be where we want to be – but life is a journey – and no amount of self-abuse will help us achieve our goals, positive relationships with others, healthy relationship with yourself and will most definitely keep us away from the only ONE who can transform us – ABBA, our FATHER

So we must pursue peace (boots of peace) and keep our minds on truth by putting on our helmet! And don’t forget the rest of the armor, because the enemy is always trying to link with us, we only need to stand firm in our faith and trust that YAHWEH is fighting every battle for us (even the battles against ourselves).

With Love,


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