Why Everyone Needs A Life/Health Coach

Why does everyone needs a health/life coach? Because there is a load of information out there telling you to take care of yourself, focus on number one, just be happy, do this fitness and diet plan and have the perfect body… But each one of these leaves us asking questions like:

  • “If this diet is suppose to work for everyone or has worked for other people, why isn’t it working for me? I’m must just be hopeless and stuck, never going to lose weight.”
  • “I can’t ‘just be happy’ I don’t even know what makes me happy”
  • After a week of doing a diet you end up in at a point where you say: “oh forget it, I can’t maintain a lifestyle like this” followed by a binge of all the foods you’ve been keeping yourself from
  • “I can’t just focus on my happiness, my family needs me – there isn’t time for me and my happiness”
  • “I just can’t anymore! I’m so burnt-out and sick of failing, I just want to quit everything”

These are only a few things that have ran through my mind, I can’t imagine what your personal thoughts about yourself, others or you situations is and that is the entire point of this blog!!

Everyone is in a different season of life with different challenges – Teens have peer pressure, changes in their bodies, relationship struggles, self-worth/discovery, friendship drama….. Young adults are facing big decisions at every turn not to mention peer pressure, relationship and friendship challenges, body-image and self-loathing… And Moms, you’re going through loads of different challenges yourself – work life balance, parenting, marriage, diet, exercise, self-loathing and a brain the never ever takes a break! Maybe your challenges are different than these – but the point is – information alone isn’t enough to help us live an abundant life or help us lose weight, love ourselves or have a purpose driven mind-set. We need customization for our particular and unique circumstances.

The Value of a Health/Life Coach

A coach creates space for you to develop self-awareness around the inner workings of your diet, relationship and/or life overall, so that you can make better decisions and create real motivational shifts to your behavior.

A good Life/Health coach will help you become aware of your likes, dislikes, habits, thoughts, patters, belief systems, mind-sets and so on – though this approach you’ll be able to have tools that you can take with you into every decision and every situation in life because they are always relevant. (see an example of this in: How to overcome setbacks)

Success You May Achieve:
  1. You’ll begin to see success in your weight goals because you’re doing things that are personalized to you and your needs
  2. You’ll begin to see and feel joy/happiness because you’ll get to the root of who you are
  3. You’ll begin to see success in your relationships with your friends, siblings, parents, children, spouses…. because you’ll have a better understanding about yourself and develop strong self-love.
  4. You’ll successfully exercise because you’ll do exercises that are enjoyable to you and work in your schedule
  5. and it goes on and on

Having a Customized plan and a deep understanding of your inner workings/thoughts is the game changer in real and lasting success – and that’s why everyone needs a life/health coach!

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