Primary Food: Career

Career wellness is defined as engaging work that provides personal satisfaction and enrichment and is consistent with our values, goals and lifestyle.

Looking at your career, could you say that this is true?

We spend most of our time at work or at school and, for some of us, doing both. Our lives and choices are impacted by who and where we spend most of our time because the chaos or the peace determine the internal state of our body and it directly dictates the clear-headed choices we’re forced to make regularly.

Protecting your health in this area may require some changes on your part. Some as big as looking for a new job and some as a simple change in the way you think about your current situation or season of life. The primary focus should be that we’re spending our time wisely and working for the LORD and not for man.

To promote better health in this area it’s important that we remain mindful while working – be aware of opportunities to step into situations with a clear and self-controlled mind, that you’re aware of why you’re doing your job and the values that your current job aligns with in your life. You’ll want to be sure to take care of yourself at work.

Taking time to step away and regenerate, taking times to set up your work environment so that it’s a place you feel like you can thrive. You’ll want to cultivate a positive mindset – keeping your mind set on working for the LORD and not man will help in this area. Have friends at work so that you have people to lean on, but also so that you have something to look forward to when going in. Do less multitasking and more focused monotasking. You’ll get more done, you’ll feel more successful and have better odds of really making a difference at your job.

The Power of Contentment

One of the biggest decisions we need to make, and this applies to EVERY SINGLE ASPECT OF LIFE, is to not complain about our job, people, money because as we meditate on the negative it impacts our contentment. We are called to be content in all situations, to count all things as joy and to trust that God is working out all things for the
good of those who love Him. You are where you are for a reason, complaining about it will keep you from fulfilling your destiny on your tourney and keep you from receiving
the treasures He has planned for you.

These are a few ways that you can improve the area of life that you spend 80% of your day engaged with. By making this area more fruitful the carry over to your health
and relationships will be largely impact.

Finances and Career

It’s also super important that we budget and spend our money well as followers of the LORD. I am not the best at talking about this topic by a friend of mine is. Please visit her Facebook site: The budget nerd you’ll love her approach and tips to help you steward your finances well!

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