Be Aware and Join Up

Awareness – it’s something I continue to tell my kids. Be aware of what Others are doing, be aware of what’s happening around you…

They can get so distracted by the TV or their own desires they seem almost rude as they walk by me with my hands full and don’t offer to help or walk right through the pile of dirt I just swept spreading it all over again.

But don’t we all end up So distracted by what is going on within us or by what we want that we don’t look around to see where we can help others?

Jesus says in John 5:17, 19-20 that he knows what God is doing because he is aware and watching to see where the Father is at work – once he sees it He can join him.

We can start raising our children in the way they should go by teaching them to be aware of what we are doing and joining us.

We can tell them that this is practice on being aware of what God is doing so we can join Him as well. Make it a game – where did you see mom/dad at work today and you joined, where did you see God at work today?!

The greatest truth is that God has always been at work in the world. Inviting us to join Him. When we are unaware we miss it – are blind to the beauty of His work around us.

If we don’t practice being aware of Gods work, if we don’t practice hearing him… all too soon we will be living for this world… and we all know – loving the things of this world leads to destruction!

So let’s live aware of where God is at work and train our children how to live aware by practicing in our homes and spotting times they see God at work too – let’s all join God where he is working! 🙌🏻🙌🏻

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