Level of Accuracy in Calorie Counting Requirement

Are you a calorie or macro counter? I have been for years – to an addictive level at times, even.

It’s been proven that calorie counting provides little to no benefit in achieving weight loss. The reason is that the level of accuracy in tracking food needs to be nearly 98%. In as little as 20 extra calories per day, you’ll gain over 20lbs in 10 years. It’s impossible for us to be that accurate every single day.

20 calories/day X 365 days = 7300 calories 7300 cal. x 10years=73,000 calories 73,000cal/3500 calories to a lb = 20.85 lbs in 10 years.

We’ve all followed a calorie in vs. calorie out approach to weight loss, however that has been proven wrong for years – a calorie isn’t a calorie – it’s not that simple. The real principle that controls weight (fat) is Insulin. When our insulin is high it suppresses fat metabolism (ie: doesn’t let fatty acids leave our cells).

Lower Insulin Levels = Lower Fat Cells

Bottom Line:

  1. When insulin is secreted or elevated fat accumulates in the fat tissue
  2. When insulin levels drop, fat escapes from the tissue and the fat deposits shrink
  3. We secrete insulin primarily in response to the carbohydrates in our diet.

Carbohydrates is driving Insulin is driving fat

What to know about Carbohydrates

Carbohydrates aren’t the bad guys – not all of them at least. Carbohydrates that should be avoided are bread, pasta, cereal, white potatoes, rice, flour… and worst of all SUGAR.  It’s weird and sad that these are the base of our food guide pyramid… The Carbohydrates to belong in our diets are fruits, vegetables, quinoa..FGPLargeGIF.gif 

There are many ways to look at the foods we eat and each of us are created uniquely, so not everything works for everyone. The key is to keep an eye on what things might spike your blood sugar (insulin) and avoid those things – especially as a woman over the age of 35 (maybe younger)

a sample list could look something like this:  

Foods To Avoid

  • Bread and everything made with flour
  • Cereals
  • Potatoes and all other white root vegetables
  • Foods containing added sugar
  • All sweets

Foods You can eat as much as you want

  • Meat, Fish, Birds
  • All green vegetables
  • Eggs
  • Cheese
  • Fruit – except bananas and grapes.

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