Excellence Vs Perfection

A life of excellence is doing my best in all situations and embracing mistakes, failures, weaknesses as lessons – things I get to learn from and grow – not as things that defeat and crush my spirit. 

Perfectionism is deceitful.   It’s a block that keeps me from learning and growing. It’s a trap that keeps me stuck in the dark and deep pit of a false identity – one I created and let the world create that tells me I’m worthy based on how perfectly I perform. 

YAHWEH says that living according to His ways, repenting (recognize when I didn’t live according to His way, asking forgiveness and completely changing my sinful ways(learning from my mistake)) is a life of excellence. Not how perfectly we perform but how perfectly we love, guard and learn to spiritually mature with Him in our sanctification process. 

Here’s my new mindset:

  1. Do my best every day and in every situation
    1. Slow down
    2. Put YAHWEH first by applying His ways/knowledge to how I parent, how I work, how I think, how I… everything – Put Him in the front of my mind always aware of His presence
    3. Reflect His Character, not my sinful and deceitful emotions, thoughts… 
  2. Accept mistakes, failures, weaknesses with joy because each one is an opportunity to learn and grow and mature into the likeness of my Heavenly Father
    1. Repent and learn from my mistakes and apply the learned lesson

Today’s reminders:

  • Living in a perfectionistic mindset is a roadblock to growth and spiritual maturity 
  • Fuel my mind and body with life
    • Eat fruits and veggies
    • Speak scripture over myself and others
    • Think what is loving, pure, honorable, good…. Not negative
    • YAHWEH is in control of ALL things – let Him lead

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