Dinners This Week

Monday: Grass Fed Beef Burgers with Broccoli and baked French fries

Tuesday: Beef Fried Quinoa

Wednesday: Sweet Potato Nachos

Thursday: BBQ Ranch Chicken Bowl

Friday: Pesto Salmon and Roasted Broccoli

Saturday: Chili

Sunday: Keto Ground Beef Green Bean skillet

Ground beef (3)Sweet potatoes (3-5)
BBQ Sauce (I like Stubs)Ranch Dressing
SalmonFrozen or Fresh Broccoli
Kidney BeansTomato Paste
Crushed tomoatoesCelery
Green beansCream Cheese
Braggs Amino (soy sauce alternative)Pesto Sauce
French FriesQuinoa or wild rice
Taco seasoningBlack Beans
CornCabbage Slaw
AvocadoChicken Breasts

Other staple things for our home are: apples, almond milk, rolled oats, bananas, frozen fruit, spinach, eggs, cheese, Ezekiel bread, string cheese, nut butters, chick peas

I hope you enjoy. You can find a lot more recipes on my Pinterest board @anchoredfemle

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