May 10th Meal Plan

My goal for all meals is quick (30 minutes or less), healthy, and delicious!

Weekly Breakfast: Start with a Green Juice followed by two slices of Ezekiel bread. One topped with fried egg, avocado, everything bagel seasoning the other topped with Kirkland organic peanut butter hemp seeds and Honey. Except for Fridays – I make almond Flour pancakes and top it with peanut butter and natural maple syrup. (until I get sick of this, it’s my go to 🙂 )

Weekly Lunch: Choosing to do snack instead of full meal because I feel more alert eating less at lunch – usually a hand full of nuts and an apple or homemade fruit leather. I’m also loving homemade frozen yogurt popsicles

Monday Dinner: Cauliflower and Sweet potato tacos (these were a hit so we did them again, this time I added black beans and chicken though)

Tuesday Dinner: Pineapple Chicken over Quinoa

Wednesday Dinner: Instant Pot BBQ pulled Chicken tacos

Thursday Dinner: Burger and Fries and Green Beans (busy weeknights call for quick go to meals)

Friday Dinner: Homemade Taco Pizza (crust) (toppings – you can use her crust but I like the homemade crust I linked to better)

Saturday Dinner: I’m gone this weekend for basketball so my husband and step daughters are on their own – I did pick up some stuff to make crab Rangoon’s, eat their fill of ice cream and cheese fries and junk food, because while I’m away, I know they do it any way 😉

Sunday Dinner: I’ll probably pick up some rotisserie chicken an veggie salad for a quick dinner after a long weekend of hoops

My goal is to eat healthy most days of the week, but like all of us, balancing busy schedules and dinners is always a challenge. I try to pick meals that are quick or I can make ahead on those days we are swamped.

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  1. That’s good, thanks for sharing, the fact that it’s about 30 minutes is perfect

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