What I Eat In A Day – Protein Focus

Social media is filled with people sharing what they eat in a day. Some people eat so little I get hungry watching their posts and some eat so much healthy food that fuels them that I wish I could reach through the phone and give them a high five.

I fully confess that I don’t fully have my nutrition dialed in. Sometimes I have ‘perfect’ days and sometimes I have some ‘comfort’ days. By comfort, I mean, I snack on cookies, homemade peanut butter cups, chocolate-covered dates, or chips and crackers. Nothing is wrong with any of these so if you have ‘comfort’ days don’t guilt yourself.

The process of eating right for your body is finding the balance between trusting your body and moderation.

So, here is a typical day/week for me.


My daily exercise plan determines my pre-workout. On short days I have coffee with Fairlife milk. On my longer days, I have an oat powerball or 1/2 banana along with my coffee.

3-5g of protein


Immediately after my workout, I eat to replenish my body. I used to wait till after I showered but I noticed that the longer I waited the more it impacted my endless all-day hunger. If we let our blood sugar decrease too far it will end up playing catchup all day long.

My breakfasts are always different, but I’ll share my most common one.

  1. Slice of sourdough bread or a sourdough bagel (toasted)
  2. 1/4 avocado
  3. 2-3 spinach leaves
  4. 1 whole Egg and 1/4 cup egg white
  5. Everything Bagel Seasoning
  6. Protein Coffee

24g of protein in food and 25g protein from coffee


Lunch is where I stay the most consistent by having a huge salad with chicken breasts on top. I posted a big salad recipe just a few weeks ago. Go ahead and find that recipe or Pinterest is my go-to place to switch things up. I always meal prep my veggies so making my salad every day is simple and fast. The more accessible we make our healthy choices the more often we’ll choose better meal options.

24-30g of protein

Snack 1

This is where I have fun and/or get my sweet tooth satisfied. Cottage cheese with fruit, veggies and hummus, yogurt with PB2 and mini chocolate chips, Chomps beef stick, pretzel thins and hummus…

I aim for about 10-15g of protein during this snack


We raise grass-fed beef so beef is a common food in our house because it is cost effective, quick, and easy.

My dinners are always cycling so I thought I’d give you a glimpse of what my meal plan looks like for this next week.

Mondays: Garlic Parm Chicken Skewers with homemade bread and Steamed Green Beans

Tuesday: Open-Faced Tuna Sandwich

Wednesday: Always Mexican/Taco night – Chicken Street Tacos

Thursday: Asian Lettuce Wraps

Friday: Chicken Dumpling Soup – the best!!! (soup or salmon/fish usually – its our welcome the weekend meal)

Saturday: Typically Burgers or we get together with friends

Sunday: Always Pizza Night (Dough) (My favorite Pizza)

20-30g of protein

After Dinner Snack 2

My after-dinner snacks vary, but the one I posted – Cottage Cheese pudding – that one will be a go-to for quite a while – sheesh yum!

My daily protein goal is between 112-135. My meal are always adapting to ensure I come within that range and the most important goal is that I enjoy my food.

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