Living Set Apart

March, 18 2020 On lock down, kids at home full time in need of structure and learning, balancing a new structure with homeschooling (something I’ve never done) and working from home. Life looks different right now. A little concerning, a little uncomfortable and and a complete change in how I’ve become comfortable in living. Comfort,Continue reading “Living Set Apart”

Mind Renewal – Day 17

January 19th, 2020 Thankful: Thank you Father for today, that you’re again meeting me here in my brokenness and teaching me how to think and live differently so that I’m set apart for you. Step 1 (capture thoughts) – My spirit alredy knows that God’s ways and commands are great and life giving. my spiritContinue reading “Mind Renewal – Day 17”

Mind Renewal – Day 16

January 18th 2020 Thankfulness: Father, thank you for helping me see YOU clearly through your word, how you’re always with me and even when I don’t walk rightly, you’re gentle correction keeps me encouraged and growing! Your ways are amazing and wonderful and I love looking at the positive and seeing the way that transformsContinue reading “Mind Renewal – Day 16”

Mind Renewal – Day 15

Thankfulness: Father, thank you for walking me through this journey, for teaching me through my struggles and always being with me, never leaving or forsaking me. I know that your ways are great and mighty and I long to follow you. Please open my heart and mind and keep me teachable. Step 1 (capture thoughts)-Continue reading “Mind Renewal – Day 15”