Hawaiian Chicken Pizza

Huge hit tonight for dinner. Ingredients Organic chicken breasts Organic pizza sauce Pineapple slices Canadian bacon Full fat mozzarella cheese Broccoli Italian seasoning Salt Pepper Directions Preheat oven to 400 Salt, pepper and Italian season each side of the chicken breast Bake chicken for 20 min (till almost done) Cover chicken with pizza sauce, pineapple, … Continue reading Hawaiian Chicken Pizza

Tabata Cardio Workout

Training for a half marathon and for some reason this workout makes me feel more like an athlete than many of the other training days I do.  My legs, abs, heart, back, and lungs all get a workout with this great routine. 3-minute jog to warm up (RPE 5/6) 4-minutes 20-second sprint 10-second rest (walk … Continue reading Tabata Cardio Workout

Upper Body – Intensity Home workout

Fitness centers are wonderful because there is motivation all around, every weight training tool you can imagine and usually someone available to ask questions. When I left the fitness industry these were the things I missed the most, however, I love working out at home.  It's convenient, saves me travel time, I can workout in … Continue reading Upper Body – Intensity Home workout

Blueberry Protein Waffle

I love to find or create new things for breakfast.  That wasn't always the case, I use to be a creature of habit, eating the same things every day to maintain my blood sugar, weight and it just made things easier.   But, then I learned that a variety of foods is what reactivates your microbiome. … Continue reading Blueberry Protein Waffle

Heal your Body by Listening to your Inner Orchestra

My current journey and goal are to link weight struggles, self-worth, and wellness success to scripture.  Our relationship with YAHWEH makes all the difference in lasting results for health and wellness. In doing research and schooling for Integrative nutrition, it's remarkably easy to see how our body's design is a strong reflection of how our … Continue reading Heal your Body by Listening to your Inner Orchestra

No Limit – Who You are and How far You Were Meant to Fly!

Ever thought of comparison as jealousy? It sure does sound better to say that we were trapped in a comparison situation than to admit that we are jealous of someone's body, job, family, life... Proverbs 27:4 - warns us of the destruction that jealous can bring us destruction "Wrath is cruel and displeasure overwhelming, but … Continue reading No Limit – Who You are and How far You Were Meant to Fly!

Don’t Destroy the Work of YAHWEH for the sake of food

Reading through Romans today The Spirit pointed out to me that we often eat and drink and judge ourselves for every bite. For many of us, food and drink is a place of shame and pain not a place of peace and joy. • • When we walk with the Spirit we count all things … Continue reading Don’t Destroy the Work of YAHWEH for the sake of food