20. How Is Your View Of Yourself?

What would life look like if we started to ‘weigh’ our spiritual health more than our physical weight? 1 Peter 3:4 – Let it be the hidden person of the Heart, with the incorruptible beatify of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is very precious in the sight of God” – gentle with me, gentleContinue reading “20. How Is Your View Of Yourself?”

17: Are you Limiting yourself?

I fear that I won’t have enough time, enough energy, enough to give, enough knowledge/understanding…. Fear, it limits me, puts me in a box and exhausts me. You know what else exhausts us… not doing what the LORD is asking us to do. In today’s episode I ask us to join in the Holy Spirit’sContinue reading “17: Are you Limiting yourself?”

Meal Plan for May 17 – Switching things up

For any additional recipe ideas you can visit my Pinterest board. I have them organized by protein type and the most recent meals I make are at the start of the board. Weekly Breakfast: I like to start my day with a veggie juice. (you can check them out here) I don’t have a juicerContinue reading “Meal Plan for May 17 – Switching things up”

15: Winning the Battle of our Minds/Moods

We continue to train our minds to stay in the bondage of the things we see with our fleshly eyes.  Lines like “I will never be able to…” “I just am an angry person” “My whole family struggles with anxiety, I guess that’s just how it is”  “If I don’t worry about this or thatContinue reading “15: Winning the Battle of our Minds/Moods”