Dinners This Week

Monday: Grass Fed Beef Burgers with Broccoli and baked French fries Tuesday: Beef Fried Quinoa Wednesday: Sweet Potato Nachos Thursday: BBQ Ranch Chicken Bowl Friday: Pesto Salmon and Roasted Broccoli Saturday: Chili Sunday: Keto Ground Beef Green Bean skillet Ground beef (3) Sweet potatoes (3-5) BBQ Sauce (I like Stubs) Ranch Dressing Salmon Frozen orContinue reading “Dinners This Week”

Diligently Practice

Diligently practice keeping my mind on YAHWEH ~ Diligently practice patience ~ Diligently practice being humbly confident ~ diligently practice boldness ~ diligently set aside any overblown sense of self-importance ~ diligently practice meekness (strength under control) ~ Diligently be a woman of valor ~ diligently choose to strengthen my mind and my joyful spiritContinue reading “Diligently Practice”

Excellence Vs Perfection

A life of excellence is doing my best in all situations and embracing mistakes, failures, weaknesses as lessons – things I get to learn from and grow – not as things that defeat and crush my spirit.  Perfectionism is deceitful.   It’s a block that keeps me from learning and growing. It’s a trap thatContinue reading “Excellence Vs Perfection”